• 2020 September 30

    Alexander Pinsky, General Director of Industry Association Marinet

    On prospects of cooperation with the People's Republic of China

    Marinet is the association of Russian technology companies, scientific and educational centers as well as government agencies aimed at supporting the development of advanced technologies in the maritime industry. Marinet was established in the framework of the National Technology Initiative being implemented in pursuance of the task set by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    The National Technology Initiative is a state programme focused on promotion of advanced technologies in diverse fields. The background of this programme is the awareness of Russia's leaders of the global changes currently seen worldwide and referred to as the new “forth industrial revolution”. We are witnessing an upsurge and expansion of innovative technologies, their penetration into all spheres of human activities. That leads to fast and drastic changes worldwide, in terms of both structure and character of contemporary industry and economics. Within the coming 10–20 years, the transition to a new technological setup will result in the emergence of absolutely new markets and technologies, principally new products and services.

    The maritime industry is among those going through that technological revolution. At the same time, it is a global industry linking the countries and the continents. Therefore, the development of maritime technologies should be a platform for interaction of all the countries. Russia and China are great maritime powers. Our scientific and technical potential in this area can serve as a prerequisite for a long-term economic development of our countries and the whole world as well. Such a collaboration is of utmost importance under circumstances where some western states impose technological constraints on certain countries, introduce sanctions against hi-tech companies and openly set off trade wars.

    I am really happy about Marinet’s opportunity to contribute to the development of our countries’ cooperation in such a crucial area as maritime industry …

    Our cooperation can pave the way for introduction of the most advanced technologies in digital and unmanned navigation, the exploration and extraction of minerals, the use of clean ocean energy, marine robotics, aquatic biotechnology, and, of course, training and the development of human resources for the industry. My colleagues’ reports have covered some of them to outline the technologies and innovations in the spotlight of Marinet and among the priorities of Russia’s maritime development…

    I am impressed by the recent growth of China’s shipbuilding and shipping industries. I am sure that many of the Russian technologies will let support that growth while the experience of Chinese shipbuilders is highly-demanded in the Russian market…

    It is crucial for us to have a partner in China for establishment and development of partnership between our engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists. I believe that Harbin Engineering University and Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee in Yantai will become our agents in China. In our turn, we will try to guide our Chinese colleagues to Russian companies and universities. In the coming months we will try to staff the office of Marinet in People’s Republic of China to establish routine contacts between the agreement parties despite the constraints related to the coronavirus pandemic.

    I hope for a long-term cooperation for the benefit of our countries and the entire world.