2019 October 29

(Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev - On Shipbuilding Industry Development Strategy for period till 2035 )

- 32 civil ships were launched last year. Total output of civil shipbuilding industry is to surge almost seven times. We have adopted a large-scale state programme for construction of nuclear-powered icebreakers, gas carriers, fishing ships. All that has been supported by either decisions on financing through development institutions or by different obligations related to providing of certain resources for operation. Our prime export potential is in construction of warships. We are among few countries offering a nearly complete range of armament.

As for civil products, the situation is worse. We need to build up supplies of ships and marine equipment to the global market and cover our priorities as well. The Strategy defines the components of this process: innovative development of the industry, maximum local production in Russia. I hope this document will be properly extended and will lead us to our goal

Transcript from the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers