• 2017 September 27

    Krasnoyarsk ship lift to undergo reconstruction

    Судоподъемник Красноярской ГЭС походит к поворотному устройствуReconstruction of the Krasnoyarsk ship lift, unique hydraulic engineering structure allowing ships overpass water level difference below and above the Krasnoyarsk HPP, can begin in 2018, IAA PortNews correspondent cites Vladimir Baikalov, head of Yenisei Basin IWW Administration, as saying at the conference “Ensuring safety and reliability of navigational HESs” held in Krasnoyarsk.  

    In August 2017, Krasnoyarsk Branch of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (Russia's state expert evaluation authority) approved the project on reconstruction of Yenisei Basin IWW HESs, Phase II. The project is currently under consideration at the Government of the Russian Federation. “Upon approval we will announce a competition for RUB 1.2 bln reconstruction of the Krasnoyarsk ship elevator. We hope that the project implementation will begin in 2018”, Said Vladimir Baikalov. 

    According to Yevgeny Golovkin, Chief Engineer at the Department for Operation of Krasnoyarsk ship lift, Yenisei Basin IWW Administration, said that despite structural difference of the ship lift as compared with the navigation lock system, operational challenges are the same. He said the reconstruction will include replacement of hydromount motors, running wheels, other hydraulic and mechanical equipment. 

    The project which will also include reconstruction and construction of buildings and water treatment facilities, territory development, etc. will be financed by the federal budget.

    Судоподъемник Красноярской ГЭС в поворотном устройствеThe ship lift of Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station is the only ship lift in Russia, started in 1976 (officially put into operation in 1982) at the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station on the Yenisei River. Boat lift consists of the outer harbor, the bottom of the approach channel, the actual lift and turntable. The lift is a platform movable along the track, a track width of 9 m, with rack. Each of the track rails is based on separate overpasses. The movement is carried out by means of electric drive.

    For loading the ship lift, the platform is lowered below the water level, the ship enters the lift, then the platform begins to move up the overpass; Ships transported "afloat." At the top of the platform together with the ship pulls into the turntable, which moves it to another track on which the platform is lowered to the upper tail water below the water level, after which the ship may leave the lift.

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