• 2nd World Gas & LNG Series Conference-Exhibition Russia 2017

    Dates:   2017 June 22 - 2017 June 23

    2nd World Gas & LNG Conference-Exhibition

    Following the great success of GAS series events in China and Africa, WGLCE Russia will be the best platform to help Russia gas authorities and operators solve challenges in gas industry development & Pipeline & LNG projects, also a good opportunity for service and technology providers to show their technical competitive edge to help the local stakeholders developing gas to Pipeline and LNG strategies.

    This annual Conference will bring more players to Russia Market, estimating around 200 industry professionals participating. It will act as the best bridge for foreigners to network with the local GOVs & key stakeholders and more clearly & exactly grasp the updated information about the regulations, Pipeline & LNG projects, planning & Long-term strategies. Besides, the special session” Asia gas buyers’ perspectives” will help us to evaluate the potential of Russia new strategies to expand Asia market, as well as“ the international projects case studies” will help Russia players to enrich their technical knowledge.

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