• International Green Shipping and Technology Summit

    Dates:   2017 November 28 - 2017 November 29

    On 28-29 November, FA Events will host one of the global Shipping and Maritime Technology Summit in Athens, Greece where companies around the globe will meet with key players in the industry.

    Topics of Sessions

    Day 1:

    • Green Approach to Maritime Session

    “Green Approach to Maritime” Session will cover the European 2020 Green Growth Strategy and to attain the necessary scientific knowledge of the elements that define the state of the marine environment.

    • The Efficient Ship: Ship Engineering and Ship Equipment Session

    “The Efficient Ship” session will cover the latest engineering solutions and equipment’s in order decrease the pollution at sea and optimizes the efficiency of ships.

    • The Importance of Shipyards and Ports in Greening the Maritime Sector

    On “The Importance of Shipyards and Ports in Greening the Maritime Sector “session there will be speakers from different continents to discuss the regional Greening progress and effective solutions in order overcome this main maritime issues.

    • Shipbuilding Session

    “Shipbuilding Session” will gather speakers from main Shipbuilder companies and discuss the latest Shipbuilding projects and how green technology can be implemented on these projects.

    Day 2:

    • Impact of LNG as a Green Energy session

    “Impact of LNG as a Green Energy” session will cover LNG usability in Traditional Ships and New Green Ships and how big it can decrease the pollution.

    • Propulsion session

    “Propulsion session” will focus on fuel efficiency and will be discussed about engines and auxiliary machinery, scrubbers, bunkering and other alternative fuels.

    • Green Ship Technology session

    On the “Green Ship Technology,” session speakers from ship technology companies will be representing their latest green technologies which can improve efficiency in ship operations on and decrease the pollution at sea.

    • Green Strategies session

    “Green Strategies” session will cover the 2 main green strategies which are Ballast Water Treatment Strategies and Reducing Opex Strategies.

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