• MARACAD 2018

    Dates:   2018 October 2 - 2018 October 3

    MARACAD 2018 Innovation & Creativity Conference is the premier event in UAE that aims to engage the Technology & Innovation together with the fundamental maritime elements, including education and training, by facilitating partnering opportunities, that will open doors to better and more agile future for the maritime industry. The theme for this year’s conference is autonomy. With Ports, Shipbuilders, Training centers, Marine academies, and Shipping in general, is heading to the direction of innovation, Laws and regulations must be developed to coop with this technological trend, not to mention information technology and cybersecurity that plays a major aspect in tomorrow’s new phase.

    Parallel to this Conference & Exhibition, this year, MARACAD will launch the new International prestigious (UAE Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation). The MARACAD Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation will help recognize the achievements of individuals and companies who changed the industry through their ideas and efforts. The awards will cover five different categories: best innovations in ports, ships, maritime education and training, shipping and UAE talented people. The UAE Maritime Creativity and Innovation Awards programme will bring together the best of the port, design, construction of vessels, education and training, shipping, products technology sectors.

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