• 20 апреля 2017 17:58

    «Зеленодольский завод имени А.М. Горького» заложит десятый в серии МРК проекта 21631 «Град» для ВМФ РФ 24 апреля 2017 года

    АО «Зеленодольский завод имени А.М. Горького» 24 апреля 2017 года заложит десятый в серии малый ракетный корабля (МРК) проекта 21631 – «Град», проект которого разработан АО »Зеленодольское проектно-конструкторское бюро», сообщает пресс-служба завода.

    Малые ракетные корабли проекта 21631, строящиеся заводом с 2010 года для Военно-морского флота России, являются многоцелевыми кораблями класса «река-море», оснащенными самыми современными образцами артиллерийского, ракетного, противодиверсионного, зенитного и радиотехнического вооружения. Назначение кораблей этого проекта – охрана и защита экономической зоны государства.

    В настоящее время пять кораблей данного проекта – головной «Град Свияжск» и серийные «Углич», «Великий Устюг», «Зеленый Дол» и »Серпухов» – уже введены в состав ВМФ России.

    На стапелях АО «Зеленодольский завод имени А.М. Горького» ведется строительство еще четырех кораблей проекта – «Вышний Волочек», «Орехово-Зуево», «Ингушетия» и «Грайворон».

    В торжественном мероприятии запланировано участие представителей правительства Российской Федерации, руководства Минобороны РФ, министерств и ведомств Республики Татарстан, руководства Зеленодольского муниципального района, АО «Холдинговая компания «Ак Барс», а также представителей проектанта и контрагентских организаций.

    АО «Зеленодольский завод имени А.М.Горького» (Татарстан) специализируется на строительстве военных кораблей и пассажирских скоростных судов. Управляет предприятием ООО «Холдинговая компания «Ак Барс».

2017 August 22

11:59 Maritime security code under review
11:36 ABB’s Onboard DC Grid enables integration of energy storage on specialized hybrid wind farm vessel
11:24 Stealth Maritime Corp. comments on collision of Navy vessel and its Liberia flagged tanker
11:12 FESCO launches its first transit train between China and Europe via Mongolia
10:44 About RUB 14 bln spent for construction of Vykhodnoy-Lavna line under MTH project – Murmansk Region Governor (photo)
10:20 Brent Crude futures price up 0.58% to $51.97, Light Sweet Crude – up 0.59% to $47.81
09:57 Association of Commercial Sea Ports congratulates the management and the team of UCL Holding on the group’s 10th anniversary!
09:35 Coal exports via Rosterminalugol terminal hit 15 mln t milestone this year (photo)
09:14 Baltic Dry Index up to 1,099 points

2017 August 21

18:06 Bahri completes registration of ASLAF under Saudi national flag
17:51 BC Ferries releases first quarter results
17:28 Khersones sailing ship takes part in celebrations marking Yalta City Day
17:06 ClassNK paves the way for HKC verification expansion to South-East Asia
16:53 Passenger Port of St. Petersburg welcomed 15 cruise ships last week
16:32 CMA CGM announces GRI from Asia to Panama, the Caribbean and Cuba on PEX2 service
16:14 Damen launches free dredge calculator
15:46 Linter Shipping Agency congratulates UCL Holding with its 10th anniversary!
15:18 Vice-Admiral Kulakov, major ASW ship of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet made the first business call to Cyprus
14:57 Admiral Vladimirsky research vessel of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet crossed the English Channel
14:29 MNP Group congratulates the team of UCL Holding on the 10th anniversary!
14:00 Average wholesale prices for М-100 HFO up to RUB 11,601 in RF spot market
13:33 RF President gives instructions for allocation of RUB 100 bln in 2017 to modernize BAM and Transsib infrastructure
13:02 Qatar and RasGas complete the first co-loading of LNG for split delivery
12:51 Vostochny Port’s Phase 3 obtains 34 units of small-scale mechanization equipment for RUB 300 mln (photo)
12:46 Nakilat and Shell complete first phase of LNG carrier management transition programme
12:02 Marine Engineering Bureau congratulates its colleagues from Universal Cargo Logistics Holding on the 10th anniversary!
10:48 Total to acquire Maersk Oil for USD 7.45bn
10:40 Brent Crude futures price down 0.06% to $52.69, Light Sweet Crude – flat at $48.66
10:17 Weatherdock's easyONE gets TOP grade at YACHT magazine test reports
09:56 Bunkering tanker Aginskoye will operate at the ports of Varna and Bourgas (Bulgaria)
09:34 Russian Maritime Register of Shipping congratulates UCL Holding management and personnel on the anniversary
09:17 TEN charters two Suezmaxes
09:13 Baltic Dry Index up to 1,260 points

2017 August 18

18:21 TOTE plans to establish new U.S. mainland to Hawai’i shipping service
18:06 CMA CGM announces FAK Rates from Asia to Mediterranean
17:55 NCSP volumes for 7M 2017 totaled 85.2 mln tons
17:27 Alexander Masko re-elected as Director General of Murmansk Commercial Seaport (photo)
17:06 Austal and ASC Shipbuilding re-commit to sovereign national shipbuilding endeavour
16:42 Nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy sets a record having reached the North Pole for 79 hours
16:18 IBIA supports continued efforts to protect MFM integrity and expanding application to terminal loadings
16:16 Fjord Line doubles the capacity on the fastest route between Norway and Denmark
15:45 Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg renews its equipment
15:19 Finnish Transport Agency reports increase of import/export volumes in international seaborne trade of HI’17
14:51 Indicative bunker prices go down at the port of Saint-Petersburg (graph)
14:26 Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot congratulates the team of UCL Holding on the group’s 10th anniversary!
14:04 Severodvinsk nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet carried out missile firing
13:40 Arctic Economic Council took part in 2017 North Pacific Arctic Conference
13:02 CMA CGM announces GRI from Asia to Mexico, West Coast South America & West Coast Central America
12:37 Tuco Marine delivers hydrographic survey boat to Nelleman Survey
12:23 LNG Croatia announces investigation of the seabed at LNG terminal site
11:38 Nevsky Shipyard congratulates the team of UCL Holding with the group’s 10th anniversary!
11:09 Team Tankers International announces Q2 2017 results
10:45 FSBI Baltic Sea Ports Administration congratulates the team of UCL Holding on the group’s anniversary!
10:22 Brent Crude futures price down 0.12% to $50.97, Light Sweet Crude – down 0.13% to $47.03
10:00 Port of Cardiff invests over £4 million to support steel sector
09:37 Tehnoros congratulates the team of UCL Holding on the group’s anniversary!
09:14 Baltic Dry Index up to 1,247 points
07:48 Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz takes part in a symbolic coin ceremony at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

2017 August 17

18:06 Carnival Paradise to offer five additional cruises to Havana, Cuba, from port of Tampa in 2018
17:50 10 cruise ships will call at the Port of Southampton this weekend