• 2017 June 5

    Silk and mortgage

    The SPIEF 2017, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum dedicated to transport and logistics, was focused on the search of mechanisms to finance the infrastructure amid the budget deficit and on looking into drawing of cargo flows from seaborne transport to railways in the framework of Asia-Europe corridor.

  • 2017 June 1

    State programme for LNG

    Russia’s Ministry of Transport has developed a state programme ‘Expanding the use of natural gas as fuel for transport and special purpose equipment’ to encourage construction of LNG-powered ships and development of required infrastructure with the Baltic Sea and the Rebublic Tatarstan to be pilot regions in the part of sea transport and river transport accordingly.

  • 2017 May 29

    River finances are looking for balance

    Russia’s strategy for the development of inland water transport till 2030 implies the construction of over 13,500 river ships and ships of mixed sea/river navigation. Implementation of those plans still faces a number of challenges including a tariff policy that lacks balance between different types of transport and a vague package of measures for financial support of ship owners.

  • 2017 May 24

    Vitaly Gvozdev: We have designed a crab boat for the first time in Russia

    New Russian design company Nordic Engineering JSC established by a large German shipbuilder, Nordic Yards Holding GmbH, has obtained from its parent company the most advanced technologies and entered the market of Russia. Today, this fully Russian engineering company has asserted itself with a unique project of a crab boat that can cost just $10-12 mln, says Vitaly Gvozdev, Director General of Nordic Engineering JSC.

  • 2017 May 23

    Investors will not be scared away

    The main concern about availability of stevedoring services is associated with the deficit of transshipment facilities for certain cargoes. The issue can be dealt with only through investments into development of the facilities while interference of state authorities just scares away potential investors. To ensure the market balance, free capacity should make 25-30% of total terminal capacity, believes the Ministry of Transport.

  • 2017 May 16

    Yalta to welcome cruises

    The port of Yalta is going to become profitable in 2017 after a loss of RUB 156 mln. The Port Director Denis Volkov is set to build up transshipment of cargo delivered from mainland Russia and make transportation of tourists by the port’s own fleet surge six times, not including the plans on Sochi – Yalta ferry service. That will be facilitated by the recent launching of the port reconstruction with budget allocations of RUB 2.6 bln.

  • 2017 May 12

    10-percent growth

    In the four-month period of 2017, throughput of Russian seaports grew by more than 10%, which exceeds the average growth of recent years. Key drivers of that growth are coal, grain and crude oil from the Novoportovskoye field, despite the OPEC oil production cut agreement.

  • 2017 May 5

    Regulate and rule

    Reports on operation of Russian ports and cargo handling have recently settled among the most important news of the business industry. Sea terminals bring a significant share of income to coastal regions. No wonder that privatization of the two ports - Novorossiysk and Makhachkala – have excited the public so much. Although some authorities call on to release stevedores from excessive state regulation, others, namely the Federal Antimonopoly Service, resist this in every possible way, and the reasons for this are not entirely unclear to the market.

  • 2017 April 27

    Strategy game of Saint-Petersburg

    The development of Petrolesport container terminal has been given a status of a strategic project by Saint-Petersburg Administration. However, amid the excessive container facilities the capacity of which is twice as high as even the long-term requirements, this project does not seem to be economically expedient. It is quite possible that the project is focused on the sale of land though Global Ports does not confirm that.

  • 2017 April 21

    Absolute record without a single incident

    Sergei Safonichev, head of FSBI Azov Sea Ports Administration, tells IAA PortNews about the winter navigation season and current plans of ASPA.