• 2016 July 11

    Crimea will focus on tourists

    Maintenance of the infrastructure available in Crimea, reconstruction of its berths and servicing of cargoes intended for internal consumption will be among the priorities of seaports up to the commissioning of the Kerch (Crimea) Bridge. In the future the ports are supposed to become the centers of maritime recreation and tourism, agreed the participants of the Third Crimean Transport Forum in Alushta.

  • 2016 July 6

    Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok Lee Sok Bae: “It’s not a good time for Korean shipbuilders to invest in Primorye”

    Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok Lee Sok Bae tells IAA PortNews about the prospects of cooperation in logistics and sea transport amid the new economic regimes in Russia’s Far East.

  • 2016 July 4

    On marine insurance in Russia

    Russian market of marine insurance features instability, few players and tricks that leave almost no possibility for judicial dispute resolution.

  • 2016 June 30

    Albert Kurbangaliyev, Director General of Sea Recruiting Agency LLC: “Operators of sea terminals will later recognize the advantages of outsourcing”

    Employee leasing is an advanced technology of stevedoring companies’ HR management. Albert Kurbangalijev, Director General of Sea Recruiting Agency LLC, believes that operators of sea terminals in Russia will later recognize the advantages of outsourcing when it comes to both personnel and unified centers of equipment.

  • 2016 June 27

    IAA PortNews holds round-table meeting on regulatory framework for ship-to-ship cargo operations

    Issues related to establishment of offshore transshipment facilities and their operation were covered at the round-table meeting held by IAA PortNews in Vladivostok.

  • 2016 June 24

    The past and the Duma

    State Duma of the Russian Federation has rejected the bill supported by the business community and supposed to call off the requirement on obligatory state environmental expert approval (SEEA) of oil spill response activities plans and to return to previously used closed list of activities subject to SEEA. Meanwhile, the draft law on line shipping has been approved and the access to the Far East and the Arctic has been simplified for tourists travelling by sea.

  • 2016 June 20

    Through hardships to the seas

    The keynote of the XX St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) was the striving to lift the economy out of crisis by means of a technological breakthrough and structural changes. Oil and gas companies asserted a high profitability of Arctic projects while railway companies promised to complete all the projects with the priority put on the approaches to the ports of the Southern Basin.

  • 2016 June 15

    Sergey Chelyadin: “The potential we were speaking about some 10-12 years ago has been reached by today”

    Sergey Chelyadin, head of Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg in 2005-2009, has returned to the port industry as Managing Director of Multipurpose Reloading Complex (MRC LLC, port Ust-Luga). In his interview with IAA PortNews, Sergey Chelyadin shares his opinion on how the seaports changed during his absence and on prospects of the stevedoring companies.

  • 2016 June 14

    Arctic is looking for “right people”

    Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has backed the idea of establishing a body for comprehensive management of the Northern Sea Route. Yet, the functions of this body are not absolutely clear as there are dozens of proposals in this respect. Some believe there is no need to establish a new body.

  • 2016 June 7

    Neptune’s robots

    Liquefied gas, robot trucks and cyber shipping is the future of water transport industry and it is something that is emerging right now. The journalists who visited Hamburg for the SMM advance press conference saw the operation of the LNG Hybrid Barge and the automated container terminal. They were also told about the prospects and risks of cyber technologies in shipping industry which currently experiences hard times.