• 2017 March 7

    Grain by grain ...

    Last year saw a trend towards shifting of grain cargoes from the ports of Russia’s neighbors to domestic harbours. Russia started exports to the Far East while the terminals in the Southern region experience increased competition. Meanwhile, rouble strengthening presents a risk for the market.

  • 2017 February 28

    Dustless business

    In view of prospective development of coal transshipment facilities in Russia there is a concern about environment protection which can be efficiently faced in the framework of dedicated coal terminals.

  • 2017 February 27

    Deep prospects

    A number of projects requiring large scale dredging including that in the Arctic conditions have been announced in Russia. The participants of the 4th Forum of Dredging Companies discussed different urgent issues of dredging.

  • 2017 February 16

    Coal is the staff of ports

    Coal is the second largest segment in Russian ports after crude and oil products. Its growth rates are kept high and there are prospects for further increase, not without certain risks, though.

  • 2017 February 8

    Freight outcome

    In 2016, transshipment of Russia’s foreign trade cargo via the foreign ports of the Baltics and Ukraine decreased by a quarter to 47.2 mln t, which is 6.5% of the total throughput of Russian ports and 6.1% of Russian foreign trade cargo transshipped via seaports. However, Russia is still dependent on foreign Baltic terminals when it comes to certain types of cargo.

  • 2017 February 1

    Will oil go down the tube?

    Caspian Pipeline Consortium has announced its intention to invest $150 mln in expansion of throughput by 1.5 times to 67 mln t in 2017 while reduction of oil output has been agreed internationally. Experts doubt the announced volumes to be pumped though this investment project is probably reasonable in the long-term run.

  • 2017 January 27

    Makhachkala port: fail logic

    Over a year and a half, Makhachkala Commercial Sea Port (MCSP) with its quite moderate performance has seen media exposure and attention from authorities in the amount exceeding that of harbours handling tens of millions of tons. Yet, there is no paradox here: recent activities around MCSP put everything into perspective with quite uninviting prospects for Russia’s only nonfreezing port in the Caspian Sea.

  • 2017 January 24

    A liner for two capitals

    The Russian Federation is losing its cruise river fleet. Lack of comfortable vessels is among the factors hindering the development of cruise tourism. Amid the market demand Russian shipbuilders are busting a decades-long myth about Russia not able to build passenger ships.

  • 2017 January 19

    Sergei Gaidayev: “Bagayevsky hydrosystem will create conditions for development of Russia’s South”

    In late 2016 FBI Azov-Don Basin Administration celebrated its 20th anniversary. Sergei Gaidayev, head of Azov-Don Basin Administration tells IAA PortNews about the work performed over the two-decade period, the results of the navigation season of 2016 and designing of the crucial hydraulic engineering facility on the Lower Don river.

  • 2017 January 16

    DNIIMF: The corridors lack macroeconomic prospects

    Experts say the format of international transport corridors Primorye-1 and Primorye-2 with forecasted annual traffic of 60 mln t and required investments of RUB 180 bln is out of date. In his interview with IAA PortNews, Mikhail Kholosha, Head of DNIIMF Transport Development Department, tells about the need to revise the model of transport potential development in the region.