Briefing, Press Conference

Want to share you opinion on an issue urgent for you with the media? IAA PortNews is ready to plan and host such a meeting.

Venue: the agency's editorial office, a conference / briefing hall of our long-standing partner Interfax North-West, a briefing room at one of the best hotels and restaurants in the city.

The event planning and management include:

  • The event script (speakers, theme, the event schedule);
  • Invitation of participants (if a briefing is attended by guests of the company);
  • Invitation to the media;
  • Hosting of the event;
  • Issuing of a final press-release;
  • Monitoring of coverage in the media outlets.

Panel discussions

A round table with participation of invited opponents to address the issue.

Possible meeting formats:

  • Limited number of participants.
  • Wide range of participants

Venue: The agency's editorial office, a conference hall at one of the best hotels in the city.

Organization of the event includes:

  • Preparing of the event script (who will be speaking, his theme, the event time limit);
  • Invitation to participants;
  • Invitation to the media;
  • Creation of a press kit;
  • Support of the event;
  • Release of a final meida release;
  • Monitoring of coverage in the media outlets;


A large-scale event with participation of representatives of businesses, government, relevant supervisory and regulatory authorities, the media to discuss the question, the problems. The event includes: participants presenting their reports, a briefing for participants and a press conference. The event program includes a break for coffee/lunch.

Venue: a conference hall of one of the best hotels in the city.

Event planning and management includes:

  • Preparing of the event script (speaker, theme, schedule);
  • Invitation to participants;
  • Invitation to the media;
  • Creation of a press kit;
  • Hosting of the event;
  • Final media-release.
  • Monitoring of coverage by the media.

Media tour

A tour for journalists to draw attention to a project, a company or a facility of the company. The media tour can be itself a separate newsworthy newsworthy event with a short briefing at the end. This can be an auto-tour, a river cruise or a tour by helicopter.

To read more please find the information on the results of several industry-focused events planned and hosted by the IAA PortNews (conferences and panel discussions). The agency had prepared guidllines and resolutions based on the results of some events. The events are planned and held by IAA PortNews either with an invitation to other media outlets or without participation of journalists.

Date Header
24.10.2018 2nd Conference “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia”
05.09.2018 Marinet Conference organized with Media Group PortNews’ support at SMM-2018, Hamburg
07.06.2018 Round-table meeting “Maritime transportation of Class 1 dangerous goods”
29.05.2018 Centenary of Water Transport newspaper
01.03.2018 1st Conference “Dangerous cargoes: new transportation requirements”
07.02.2018 1st Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress
14.12.2017 Virtual round-table meeting “Best practices of coal transshipment in Russian ports”
25.10.2017 1st Conference “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia”
18.09.2017 2nd International Conference “Advanced port fleet - the basis of safety”
04.04.2017 Round-table meeting “Regulations for technical operation of hydraulic engineering structures at seaports”
27.02.2017 Conference “Implementation of the BWMC in Russia”
15.02.2017 4th International Forum of Dredging Companies
31.08.2016 Ceremony of Vostochny Port’s Phase 3 completion
24.06.2016 Round-table meeting “Regulation of ship-to-ship cargo operations”, Vladivostok
25.02.2016 3rd International Forum of Dredging Companies
21.09.2015 International Conference “Advanced port fleet- the basis of safety”
19.02.2015 2nd International Forum of Dredging Companies
25.12.2014 PortNews Media Group organizes a media tour on the Black Sea
01.10.2014 International Conference “Impact of Shipping on Air in Europe”
08.07.2014 Media-Group PortNews celebrated its 10-year anniversary
05.07.2014 Signing of Letter of Intent (LoI) for construction of Lomonosovskaya electrical substation in MSCC Bronka
16.06.2014 Roundtable "Discussion of the draft Strategy of social and economic development of St. Petersburg from the perspective of transport and logistics complex"
12.02.2014 IAA PortNews organizes First International Forum of Dredging Companies in Moscow
16.12.2013 IAA PortNews organizes and hosts a ribbon-cutting ceremony for launching traffic on the intersection of St. Pb Ring Road (KAD) connection to the MSCC Bronka, Big Port St. Petersburg
30.09.2013 IAA PortNews lend support to a CNN team filming of the Gulf of Finland based Russian ports
11.09.2013 IAA PortNews plans and hosts a panel discussion "New projects in the maritime passenger traffic market" with participation of St. Petersburg Vice Governor Oleg Markov
06.07.2013 IAA PortNews organizes and holds a ceremony of completion of the waterfront quay wall of MSCC Bronka attended by Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov
03.04.2013 Panel Discussion "Features of bunkering operations on Russia's inland waterways", April 3, 2013, Moscow, Savoy Hotel
20.02.2013 National Conference "Ecology and Economy of Shipping in the Baltic Sea: In Pursuit of Reasonable Compromise", February 20, 2013, St. Petersburg, Venue: the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping headquarters
03.12.2012 Conference "Outlook of seamless logistics of Russian export coal", December 3, 2012, Venue: Ararat Park Hyatt