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Information & Analytical Agency PortNews (IAA PortNews) was created and registered as a Russian media outlet in 2004. Today IAA PortNews is a leading and widely read source of maritime and river transport news, and a channel of interactions of businesses, government and the media. The audience of the portal’s Russian and English pages numbers about 8,000 regular readers per day.

The information policy of PortNews Media Group is based on keen understanding of the industry interests.

According to Google Analytics, we are read worldwide. 

Marketing experts, information departments and press centers keep a close eye on web resources of PortNews Media Group (https://portnews.ru/  and  https://rus-shipping.ru/ru/). They use our publications when collecting topical content for their managers. Thus, the Agency’s news regularly comprise the core of monitoring reports for the industry companies and ad hoc authorities including the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rosmorrechflot, USC, Rosmorport, Rosatom, etc.

Information & Analytical Agency PortNews (www.PortNews.ru) is Russia’s leading industry focused media providing reliable information about events in port, shipbuilding and shipping industry in Russian and in English. The portal readers have a free 24/7 access to news, our commercial partners – to their profile pages on www.PortNews.ru portal. Daily audience of the portal exceeds 8,000 unique visitors. 14,000 more get the Agency’s news through subscription or read them in Telegram, Vkontakte, Twitter, Yandex Zen and on YouTube.

PortNews Magazine is a unique outlet in Russia focused on the market of port services and, particularly, bunkering of ships. Published from 2005, it is currently issued four times a year (February, May, August, November) by the major industry events  with the circulation set at 8,000 copies. With its information, reference and analytical content, the magazine is a source of information for business owners and top managers.

In 2011, IAA PortNews and the National Shipping Chamber launched a new maritime media project aimed at support of the national shipping, the "Russian shipping" portal (www.rus-shipping.ru). The portal is a dedicated information resource reflecting the interests of domestic water transport.

The shipping industry's newspaper Water Transport (media registration certificate No FS77-35138) was founded back in 1918. Over the years, the printed publication was developing along with the domestic shipping. As the print publication of the USSR's Ministry of Maritime Fleet and the Ministry of River Fleet of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the Water Transport newspaper provided unbiased and timely coverage of both achievements and problems of the country's shipping industry. By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the Water Transport was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor for great contribution to the development and improvement of the industry. The newspaper is issued monthly and it has regional inserts, Volga-Baltic and Don.

HYDROTECHNIKA journal is a research & methodological, information & analytical journal available in the market from 2008. The main goal of the journal is the promotion of new technology concepts and science, business and industrial developments into the modern hydrotechnic building practice. The journal materials are dedicated to topical issues, achievements and innovations in hydraulic engineering, results of scientific research carried out by the leading specialists of the industry, experience of Russian and foreign companies in hydraulic engineering. The journal covers engineering surveys and designing of hydraulic engineering structures (HES), construction of different HES in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries; issues related to HES operation, repair and reconstruction. The journal presents state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and materials used for construction, inspection, protection and maintenance of HES, particularly in challenging soil and climate conditions.

IAA PortNews offers to private companies and public authorities its own resources to address a variety of tasks in PR & Advertising.

IAA PortNews has lengthy experience of cooperation with the maritime industry media, and the agency's own information assets will boost the reputation of your company, to help you gain a reputation as an industry expert both within and beyond Russia.

A modern company can not do without a corporate identity, advertising and presentation products, as well as a portal, the company's official website. We create unique solutions in tandem with our agency's partners, experts in the field of graphic and web design, to promote your company and the services you offer in the market.

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To discuss cooperation opportunities, please contact PortNews Media Group General Director Elena Snitko.

Please note that the views expressed in our published materials may not necessarily coincide with those of the Editorial Board.