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Data protection policy of Information & Analytical Agency PortNews in the part of personal data security

 Information & Analytical Agency PortNews, Russia’s leading and most read media in the sphere of sea and river transport, undertakes all measures required for protection of confidential information in compliance with the international standards and the laws of the Russian Federation.

Personal data are provided by the company’s clients on a voluntary basis and can be changed (updated, expanded, destructed) upon their request.

As a user of IAA PortNews official website a client provides its personal data and gives its full and unconditional consent to personal data processing including cross-border transfer in the framework of the privacy policy.

IAA PortNews does not share any confidential information of its clients obtained in the course of its activities to any third party except for cases stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation. This information is used exclusively in the interests of the company’s clients.

Personal details can be provided by IAA PortNews to law-enforcement authorities and other government bodies in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Following processing of personal data can be undertaken by IAA PortNews:

  • mixed processing;
  • transmission within internal network;
  • Internet transmission;
  • collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, elaboration (updating, changing), using, transmission, blocking, destruction;
  • cross-border transfer.

To prevent unauthorized access, non-stipulated sharing of personal data with a third party, improper use of client’s  personal data and other illegal acts of third parties, IAA PortNews is working permanently to improve organizational and technical measures of clients’ personal data protection.

IAA PortNews retains the right to make changes and to amend its privacy policy. The Revised Data Protection Policy of Information & Analytical Agency PortNews in the Part of Personal Data Security comes into effect from the date of its publication at the official website of IAA PortNews.

For changing, expanding or destruction of personal data clients can use the contacts (telephone numbers, mail address) available at the official website of IAA PortNews (Contacts page).