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  • 2017 January 19

    Sergei Gaidayev: “Bagayevsky hydrosystem will create conditions for development of Russia’s South”

    In late 2016 FBI Azov-Don Basin Administration celebrated its 20th anniversary. Sergei Gaidayev, head of Azov-Don Basin Administration tells IAA PortNews about the work performed over the two-decade period, the results of the navigation season of 2016 and designing of the crucial hydraulic engineering facility on the Lower Don river.

    — Mr Gaidayev, tell about the results of the navigation-2016?

    — In the navigation season of 2016, cargo transportation within the area of responsibility of Azov-Don Basin Administration totaled 10.295 mln t, up 18.3% as compared with the result of 2015. Transit cargo flow totaled 8.426 mln t, domestic traffic – 1.869 mln t.

    The share of oil products in total cargo traffic is 59.7%, or 6.150 mln t, dry cargo – 40.3%, or 4.145 mln t. Heavy fuel oil accounted for the bulk of cargo traffic – 3.23 mln t (29.4% of total volume), sulphur – 1.537 mln t (14.9%), diesel fuel – 1.261 mln t (12.3%).

    Total number of calls amounted to 6,010 vessels and ATB units (including 2,993 going downwards and 3,017 going upwards) – 89.7% of the result in 2015. Transit fleet flow – 4,525 vessels (90.8% of the result in 2015).

    Cargo fleet numbers 3,054 tankers (50.8% of the total number), 2,301 dry bulk carriers (38.3%), 434 passenger ships (7.2%) and 221 units of towing fleet (3.7%).

    The reduction in the number of vessels amid the growth of cargo flow confirms the improvement of navigation conditions in the basin and, consequently higher loading of the fleet (by 20% on the average as compared with 2015). The decrease of vessels flow in the navigation of 2016 was caused by the redirection of fleet to other regions and by less vessels operating at South-North direction.

    — What were the navigation conditions last year? Were there problems caused by low water level?

    — Navigation-2016 in the Azov-Don Basin featured much better conditions as compared with navigation-2015.

    — What about the scope of dredging in 2016?

    — The scope of dredging performed in the navigation period of 2016 totaled 727,555 cbm of material (+2.4%, year-on-year). Those works ensured maintenance of guaranteed dimensions of the navigation pass throughout the navigation period.

    — What positive effect for shipping industry and other stakeholders is expected from the construction and commissioning of the Bagayevsky hydrosystem?

    — The hydrosystem does not mean more vessels sailing along the Lower Don river as it depends on the capacity of the upper hydrosystems. However, the possibility of using large capacity fleet will increase the cargo flow and, consequently, tax payments to the budgets of all levels, as well as higher safety level of navigation and transport lay-up on the Lower Don.

    Besides, the Bagayevsky hydrosystem will let create conditions required for the development of port infrastructure in the Rostov Region and in the South of Russia as a whole. It will also serve as an additional impetus for the development of shipbuilding.

    Interviewed by Elena Tkacheva