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The Nonius Engineering company is focused on development of automation and monitoring means for industrial ships as well as positioning systems for overwater and underwater machinery.

Our hardware and software solutions improve accuracy and efficiency of hydrotechnical and other works performed within water areas, allow on-the-fly tracking of performance and fuel consumption, and ensure on-site and remote monitoring of almost every working and technical process. Our solutions also allow remote control over machinery and highly accurate positioning of ships and executive devices, in particular of those within a lind zone.

We offer complete solutions for multi-bucket dredgers, backhoe dredgers, suction dredgers and split-barges automation.

Our systems are fully certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (IACS member) and Russian River Register and are being successfully operated on dozens of ships.

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The company has not added news in this section


+7 (812) 313-65-98
15 Chernaya rechka emb., 197342, St Petersburg, Russia


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