• 13 years of Universal Handling Complex operation

    2021 December 24 :

    13 years of Universal Handling Complex operation

    Dear colleagues!

    Please accept my heartiest congratulations on the occasion of the Universal Handling Complex’ anniversary. On 24 December 2008, the terminal started handling the first ship. Sea Ametist was loaded with some 14,000 tonnes of cast iron bound for Italy.

    In 2017, throughput of Universal Handling Complex LLC exceeded 5.5 million tonnes and the company won the competition of the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency as the Industry Leader in the Marine Stevedore nomination and it was also named the Best Stevedore by the Association of Commercial Sea Ports. From the beginning of its operation, UHC has handled almost 50 million tonnes of cargo.

    Our company is young, active and full of energy. Throughout its operation, the company have never stopped its dynamic development. MRC team consists of unique specialists who are always ready to apply their knowledge and experience in permanently developing conditions. Over a 13-year period, a strong foundation has been established for a stable work and implementation of the most ambitious and promising projects!

    On this occasion, I wish you wellbeing, occupational satisfaction, reliable and bright future! Be healthy, happy and successful!  

    Andrei Iaroslavtsev, Managing Director, Universal Handling Complex LLC