• 11th Dredging & Land Reclamation Summit 2020

    Dates:   2020 September 7 - 2020 September 11

    Dredging & Reclamation are key components of port construction and expansion, oil/gas & marine structure engineering, and land creation for human activities which includes port development, airport expansion or commercial development. The challenges to be overcome includes capital dredging and maintenance dredging in which lack of expertise and knowledge in the planning and project management of dredging and reclamation works will lead to tremendous economic and project-related consequences.

    This conference will serve as an exclusive global platform to share insightful experiences about leading industry practices such as listening to proven case studies on successful port development and expansion while delivering project on schedule, learn effective strategies to deal with navigation and channel development, discovering new, innovative technologies and equipment and boundary conditions for their use, managing disputes through effective and thorough contract management, identifying how to select dredging material and best practices for used and contaminated sediments and recyclable soil options for more sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions, rectifying challenges related to design and measurements of reclamation works to get accurate data to tackle spatial issues and increase capacity.

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