• XIV All-Russian Forum «Current state and Prospects of Development of the Russian bunkering Services Market»

    Dates:   2021 June 24 - 2021 June 25

    The past year has been a year of challenges for the global bunker market. The global transition of the industry to the use of low-sulfur fuels that meet the new requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the reduction in world trade, the decline in cargo traffic, as well as the demand for marine fuel due to the Covid-19 pandemic have led to a significant transformation of the marine bunkering market.

    How did these factors affect the market structure? What impact did they have on the cost of bunker fuel? How has the balance of supply and demand changed? Alternative marine fuels, scrubbers, blending – how does the industry intend to adhere to the requirements of IMO 2020? What will happen to the bunker fuel market in the future? What are the trends emerging in this segment?

    These and other issues facing the industry

    • IMO-2020 and COVID-19: the main triggers of events in the global bunker market;
    • Bunker market of the Russian Federation: results of 2020, new types of fuel, prices and volumes;
    • Formation of the Russian LNG bunkering market;
    • Experience in the use of low-sulfur fuels, their characteristics and methods of analysis;
    • Excise taxes on bunker fuel – the practice of paying and returning tax;
    • Customs clearance of bunker fuel, including raid bunkering and prospects for simplification of procedures;
    • The results of the administrative reform on the implementation of the regulatory guillotine mechanism – what has changed for the bunker market?
    • Changes in the legislation in the field of industrial safety
    • Application of new methods in the framework of improving the control and supervisory activities of the CMTU Rosstandart. On the results of the supervision of the CMTU Rosstandart for compliance with the requirements for marine fuel
    • Low-sulfur bunker fuel and the capabilities of Russian refineries
    • Development of Russian ports
    • Compliance with environmental legislation by terminals and bunkering vessels
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