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  • 7th Annual East Africa Transport & Infrastructure

    Dates:   2022 June 27 - 2022 June 28

    East Africa has been developing faster than any region in the world and Ethiopia has seen an economic growth at the rate of 10% over the past decade which has resulted in the increased purchasing power of the middle class and more cars on the road. This has subsequently led to the congestion on the road and the air pollution. The need of public transport is increasing and thus the sustainable development of road, rail and air has been going on in the East African countries. The development is much needed for the citizens of the country and the improvement of trade in the country.

    We have been witnessing the reforms for the last half a decade and at the upcoming 7th Annual East Africa Transport and Infrastructure conference, we shall see a congregation of public and private sector experts who are part of the ongoing development from Ethiopia as well as other African countries and rest of the world.

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