• 2024 April 22 11:24

    Kotug International selected EST-Floattech for the containerized battery system for world’s first fully electric pusherboat

    EST-Floattech announced that KOTUG International B.V. (“KOTUG”), the leading international towage and maritime company, has chosen EST-Floattech’s containerized energy storage solution with Octopus Series for the E-Pusher 1 (Type M), according to the company's release.

    On board the world’s first fully electric pusher boat is a container with the battery system of EST-Floattech, supporting the vessels every energy need. The E-pusher Type M is an innovative, emission-free pusher that transports cargo on the inland waterways, this design revolutionizes the way energy is stored and distributed in the maritime industry. 

    The E-Pusher 1 transports cocoa beans for Cargill from the Port of Amsterdam to Zaandam EST-Floattech’s team has been working on the custom built containerized solution with Octopus High Energy modules. 

    Starting out as a sparring partner to define the amount of energy needed for the propulsion and auxiliary systems, to designing the custom built containerized solution. The container has been designed and constructed in a little over half a year, thanks to the new production facilities for the Octopus Series. 

    The container is ESTRIN-Certified, testifying the to the robustness and safety of this maritime battery system. This containerized solution provides the energy that allows the E-Pusher to make about three trips from Zaandam to Amsterdam and back. Picking up and pushing the cocoa beans to the Cargill facilities. 

    When at the Cargill facilities in Zaandam the Octopus Series Container will be charged three times per week with green energy. 

    EST-Floattech (2009) is specialized in developing, producing, and installing reliable, sustainable, and safe battery systems for maritime applications. The in-house developed software is integrated to assure reliable operation of the Octopus Series battery system on board. 

    KOTUG is a maritime family-owned company, offering its innovative towage and maritime related services on a global scale. The company’s expertise is divided across five pillars: Towage, Training & Consultancy, Intelligence, Subsea and Maritime Excellence. KOTUG is active in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East, North and South America and the Caribbean and continues to expand its operations worldwide.