• 2023 February 7

    From Whom: Vitaliy Chernov


    About: Iskenderun: not critical but tangible

    Iskenderun: not critical but tangible

    The Turkish port of Iskenderun was damaged severely by the earthquake as well as part of the approaches to it. The port has suspended its activities with the resumptions time being unclear. The Iskenderun is the third-fourth busiest port in Turkey (67 million tonnes per year) after Aliaga (81 million tonnes), Kocaeli (83 million tonnes) and Ceyhan (68 million tonnes). The port handles a wide range of cargoes: containers, general cargo, bulk and oil cargo.

    Although Iskenderun cannot be referred to as the critical port for the global logistics, sudden disruption of its activities creates a domino effect: shipping lines have to send cargo to other ports, hence congestions, delays and infrastructure overloading. Part of cargoes bound for Iskenderun will get stuck in the ports of departure. Uncertainty about the resumption of the port operation will force shippers to change logistics routes.

    This situation can affect Russian consignors and consignees since the trade via Turkey increased considerably last year and the ports of Turkey are essential for numerous logistic schemes and routes.