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  • 2023 May 31

    From Whom: Vitaliy Chernov


    About: Liners uptake alternative fuels, IWW container carriers – hydrogen: “Bunker Market. Prices” digest

    Liners uptake alternative fuels, IWW container carriers – hydrogen: “Bunker Market. Prices” digest

    - The cruise industry is pushing forward with the uptake of alternative fuels as part of its decarbonization efforts, with 65 percent of the current orderbook being capable of running on alternative fuels, data from Clarksons shows. According to the analysis of orders, the focus of the newbuilding intertest has shifted to smaller expedition/ luxury units, from the previous gargantuan floating cities to accommodate to the shift in demand. The latest insight from Clarksons shows that 9 percent of the existing fleet capacity is able to run on alternative fuels, while approximately 25 percent of the vessels have integrated energy-saving technology.

    In this context it should be noted that passenger ships of various classes represent one of the most promising segments in terms of transition to alternative fuels. Obviously, more environmentally friendly fuel causes less inconveniences to passengers while the loss of useful space (which is often a downside of using alternative fuels such as LNG) is not that critical as compared with gas carriers. In Russia, the transfer of small leisure and river-going passenger ships to electric propulsion and gas fuel is getting increasingly popular.

    Dutch shipping company Future Proof Shipping (FPS) has recently launched the first hydrogen-powered zero-emissions inland container ship, H2 Barge 1, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Future Proof Shipping’s zero-emissions 110m x 11.45m inland containership, H2 Barge 1 is chartered by BCTN on behalf of Nike EMEA. The vessel, expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2000 tonnes of CO2e per year, will sail between Rotterdam and BCTN’s inland terminal in Meerhout several times a week.

    Earlier, we wrote about Russia’s development of technologies for using hydrogen by water transport.

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