Launching of crab catcher Ayan

On 20 August 2021, Vladivostok based Vostochnaya Verf shipyard launched the 63-meter long crab catcher of Project 03141. The ship named Ayan is the second one in the series designed and being built with participation of the Japanese manufacturers. Experts refer to the launching of those ships as a breakthrough in the Far East shipbuilding industry.

The ceremony of launching the ship laid down on 4 March 2020 was held at the berth in the Ullis Bay in Vladivostok. With the ship in the floating dock, the structure of 467 tonnes in weight, 63.27 meters in length and 10.6 meters in width was held by 13 keelblocks.

Following the greetings of Executive Director of Vostochnaya Verf Vasily Molodtsov, head of project designer, Shipbuilding Company “Viking”, Andrey Basargin and Industry Minister of the Region Sergey Kalitin, the head of the shipyard kicked off the launching procedure.

Godmother of the ship – Yelena Yaroshenko, Chief Accountant of Far East Shore LLC, the shipbuilding project customer.

The procedure took about two hours and a half. The ship will now undergo outfitting with the sea trials scheduled for December 2021.

IAA PortNews offers photo release prepared by IAA PortNews correspondent Yevgeny Pankratyev