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Inmarine St. Petersburg Law Offices has been established for aiding the industry of maritime and domestic river transport in execution of industry’s projects and in providing solutions of legal problems by means of legal assistance. This assistance is provided in accordance to seven following principles:

1. Provision of legal assistance in the field of maritime and domestic river transport which is a sector where the team and its members with their knowledge, abilities and skills act with necessary synergy and in proactive manner.

2. Interviewing and understanding of situation of the principle comes before judicial qualification and solution of the case in practice.

3. Provision of legal assistance starts with visualization of its results by means of preparing a plan of priority actions on the case.

4. Earlier accepted cases have priority over new demands – each case must be closed without prejudice to other cases.

5. Interaction within the team and contacts with principles and partners is to be based on constant contribution to the balance of recourses, means and results for long-term partnerships.

6. Practical value of legal assistance for principle’s case is undisputable. Achievement of this value is ensured by proprietary liability of the team and its members.

7. The result of legal assistance is to be always for mutual satisfaction and in the interest of the principle and the attorney, not depending on external circumstances and counteractions.

Inmarine St. Petersburg Law Offices provides legal assistance under supervision of Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping, Advocacy Chamber of St. Petersburg, and it is in a constant cooperation with domestic and international industry organizations and entities which ensures exact understanding of current state of the field, timely detection and resolution and issues arising in the industry of maritime and river transport.

“Inmarine” has been ranked in national rating of approval of law firms “Pravo.Ru-300”, in 2012 and 2013. While one uses this rating’s results it should be noted that data on qualification and field experience of company lawyers has not been taken into consideration, so as availability of certification of legal services.

In industry-based rating in relation to maritime law, companies have participated which provide services in other fields of economics, which has, of course, allowed them to get higher positions on criteria of number of lawyers and size of earnings. However, in contrast with other rating participants, “Inmarine” is the only company legal services of which have been certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Availability of recorded procedures and quality standards of legal services, conformity of services to demands of industry and presence of strict field specialization of lawyers have been left outside the scope of study.

Legal assistance services of «Inmarine» have been certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. «Inmarine» is the first legal firm to pass evaluation for correspondence to Rules of voluntary certification of services for maintenance of vessels by Federal Autonomous Entity «Russian Maritime Register of Shipping». 

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For the first time Bukh engines will be installed on ships with the Russian River Register
2019 March 13 :

For the first time Bukh engines will be installed on ships with the Russian River Register

SPB Marine LLC, the official BUKH distributor in Russia, has delivered three BUKH DV29RME lifeboat engines ahead of schedule. The lifeboats are built for Lena United River Shipping Company. Throughout the history of its activities, SPB Marine LLC has supp
Scania boosts marine engines
2018 June 7 :

Scania boosts marine engines

Scania marine engines, known for their compactness, recently acquired the Pleasure craft rating for yachts and speedboats, which are operated up to 500 hours per year. The new rating allowed to increase the power to 925 hp. with a weight of 1285 kg, and t


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