• Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg congratulates on the Victory day

    2022 May 9

    Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg congratulates on the Victory day

    Dear Colleagues!

    Сongratulations on the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory! It is a memorable date for Saint-Petersburg citizens whose forefathers fought for the city in the hard times of the siege.

    The 9th of May celebrations unite us by virtue of the common history, common memories and understanding of the key values of life: peace, creative labor, safety of our nearest and dearest.

    The Great Patriotic War gave us numerous examples of unprecedented heroism, courage and self-sacrifice. Several generations of people have been brought up in the spirit of those examples. It is crucial to ensure that our children take over not only the memory about heroes but also a deep respect of the deeds of those who had defended freedom and let us live and create.

    Dear veterans, we bow our heads in bottomless gratitude. We will continue learning from your love of the

    Motherland, strength of spirit and belief in the right. I am sure that today and always those are the highest moral points for individuals and the society as a whole. I wish you health, love and care from your nearest and may all port workers be prosperous and happy!

    Managing Director Andrei Iaroslavtsev