A new service is available now – the creation of a page with your Company's Profile on the industry's reputable maritime news resource www.portnews.ru (http://en.portnews.ru/). 

The Company's Profile will include four sections: 

1. "About Us": the information about the company's current activities;

2. "News": the latest news of the company;

3. "Contacts": the basic contact information;

4. "Partners": this section allows adding your business partners and view their news on your page.

Creation of your Company's Profile on the IAA PortNews portal www.portnews.ru will give you the following advantages and possibilities:

  • Creation of your company's own page on the industry's reputable maritime news portal with its website traffic exceeding 8,000 visitors a day; 
  • Placement in the Company's Catalogue together with the leaders of your industry;
  • You can manage yourself or update your company's profile;
  • Page is designed according to your brand's corporate identity, with banner and logo;
  • Placement of your company's news on the main news page of the information portal www.portnews.ru (at the discretion of Editor-in-Chief);
  • Your company's profile will be indexed by Google search engine;
  • Any mention of your company's name on the website www.portnews.ru will have an active link to your Profile. 

All stories published on the IAA PortNews (http://en.portnews.ru/) news page with your company's name will automatically be re-posted in Google news feed with an active link to the company mentioned in the story.

Please note that the permanent placement of your company profile on the information portal www.portnews.ru is RUB 40 000 and that the service is paid in advance.

To create your company's page on http://en.portnews.ru/ please fill out the registration form and also send your request in free form with the details of the payer to: snitko@portnews.ru