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  • 2021 December 1

    Container freight rates: taking a downward slide?

    In November, container freight rates demonstrated a decrease after an impressive growth throughout the entire year of 2021. Experts are concerned about possible ‘overproduction crisis’ and excess of facilities within a couple of years following the investment of surplus profit in new containers and container ships.

  • 2021 November 26

    Chemical prospects of special zone in Ust-Luga

    A Special Economic Zone is to be created in the Port of Ust-Luga, the Leningrad region. Two companies of Gazprom and RusGazDobycha will replace Baltic LNG as beneficiaries. The construction works will be performed by a Chinese company. The cluster is to produce 13 million tonnes of LNG and up to 2.4 million tonnes of LPG per year, as well as other gas products.

  • 2021 November 19

    Railway vs water: how will they balance?

    The railway has been traditionally considered as a ‘killer’ of river transport. However today when Russian Railways announces the plans to revise its long-term tariff policy and amid a too slow development of railway infrastructure, water routes are in the spotlight again.

  • 2021 November 16

    Is old friend worth two new ones?

    Without additional railway capacity it will be hard for Russia’s new coal terminals to reach break-even point. At the same time, their introduction will affect the economy of the existing coal ports. Insufficient capacity of Russian Railways is detrimental for both old and new market players.

  • 2021 November 12

    Volga Shipping Company looks into methanol

    In his interview with IAA PortNews, Yury Gilts, General Director of Volga Shipping Company JSC (Volga-Flot JSC), tells about bunker fuel prices, new types of bunker fuel, chemical cargo carriers and retrofitting of tankers.

  • 2021 November 11

    Strategy of Seafarers' Union of Russia

    The pandemic implications in the shipping industry, cancellation of visas for Russian seafarers with the Russian shelf and the Northern Sea Route for only Russian-flagged ships is foreseen by the strategy defined at the 9th Congress of the Seafarers' Union of Russia for the coming 5 years. Among the prime tasks of the organization is attraction of young people. Holders of cadet cards can join the Seafarers Union.

  • 2021 November 10

    Flying ships: prospects of hovercraft

    Following our earlier insight into the prospects of hydrofoils we will now focus on hovercraft, another promising segment in domestic and global shipbuilding.

  • 2021 November 8

    Hide-and-seek with carbon: gas vs alternatives

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) earlier considered as the optimal alternative to meet the environmental standards for marine fuels is now viewed only as a transition solution. The length of LNG term and other fuels to replace it were in the focus of the 5th LNG Fleet, LNG Bunkering and Alternatives conference organized by IAA PortNews.

  • 2021 October 28

    Fuel, grain and metal: how Russia feeds its Baltic neighbors

    Although 9M’2021 throughput of Russian ports climbed by almost 2%, handling of Russia’s foreign trade cargo in the ports of Finland and the Baltic states decreased. Nevertheless, Russia loaded foreign terminals with more oil products, coal, grain and ferrous metal.

  • 2021 October 22

    No grain, no sulphur: reduction of cargo traffic in Azov-Don Basin

    In almost 10 month of the year, cargo turnover on inland water ways of the Azov-Don Basin decreased by 1 million tonnes versus the same period of 2020. Transportation of agricultural goods and sulphur has reduced by almost a half with the decrease demonstrated by other types of cargo as well.